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These are my Fur Babies.

GrahmMy little baby Grahm. He was a present for my husband when we graduated college. He had always said he wanted a boxer, and what a good choice he made. Grahm was HIS surprise, but he’s always been MY baby. The story for him is a fun one. My husband had no idea what his present was going to be. I told him we were taking a long drive to go pick it up and that he had to wear a sleeping mask on the way there. We drove an hour out to the boonies and he had no idea where I was taking him. We finally pull up to a house, and I ring the doorbell to meet our little boxer pup for the first time. Grahm is named after Graham County in the mountains of NC. This is where my husband grew up. We spell his name Grahm so we can call him Grahm Cracker

LeoThen came my boy Leo. Leo came with his name due to the fact that he was a rescue. Someone dropped him off at the vet I worked for and said find him a new home. His owners had left him because he wasn’t using his litter box. Well, I observed this 8 year old kitty for a few days and then asked if I could take him home for a while (while my husband was out of town). He came home and was wonderful, but made a huge mess of his litter box. Then I brought him back to the vet to observe him longer. I watched his litter box for the next four days. I made a very important observation in those four days and came to the conclusion that Leo was just like me, he was a clean freak! He only went out of his box when it was dirty. So I brought Leo home for the final time and although he is a high maintenance kitty, he is the best kitty you could ever ask for.

FoxyFoxy  is our latest edition.  You can also read about her in our ShareIfYouCare Blog, where I blog about our fosters.  Foxy was our first foster.  I had decided to start fostering by adopting shelter pets and getting them adopted through our network.  Then I fell head over heals for this pup and couldn’t bare the thought of her leaving us.  After Foxy, we joined the volunteer organization, Catering to Cats & Dogs.  This is a wonderful program where we have been able to help other dogs like Foxy find their forever home through fostering.  She was our first, and fingers crossed, our only “foster failure”.

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